02 January 2009


The Italian Astrophysicist Dr. Massimo Teodorani, is an outstanding member of our Group.

When he read the proposal that we forwarded to other individuals and organizations to send a message to President-Electo Obama, Dr. Teodorani was so kind to send this comments that we reproduce here.

Dear Milton,

A truly excellent proposal! Well focussed, precise, pragmatic and scientifically oriented.
I personally do wish that the new President-Elect, Mr. Obama, from whom everyone is waiting a storm of innovation in many vital sectors, will read and carefully examine your invitation.

I personally think that the problem that is raised here is of incalculable importance.

As a physical scientist, I would like to ask Mr. President-Elect to consider that the information that might be released should be redundantly documented and scientifically treatable. I believe that the now more awake public needs that such a possible information should not only have a "revelation character" but also be validated scientifically both in terms of rigor and in terms of the necessary open mindedness.

Whatever is the nature of the so called "UFO Problem", a strong and very urgent need to know persists, in terms of both transparency and critical thinking.

On the other hand, at the present time even the less cultured person is tired of misinformation, fakes, misinterpreted facts, delirious ET-based sects and many other "false paths" that are circulating on internet since too many years (where should a drastic screening operate?).

People needs golden nuggets and not brass pieces, in particular scientists need that.
I am quite certain, as from my private knowledge, that scientists interested and active in the UFO phenomenon do exist.

Most of the "UFO information" released so far, to me appears as characterized by incoherence, confusion and total lack of internal logic, including much ridicule. This is only useful to discredit serious efforts aimed at this delicate direction. No more energies should be thrown to the wind! Unfortunately many persons drink disinformation easily, while several "fife players" are going on sending their dedicated lemmings to mental and psychic suicide.

This is a damage to society in its entirety. Of course "skeptical organizations" have some solid reasons to exist and operate in order to prevent such an aberration. But, unfortunately, it happens only too often that dirty water is thrown away together with the baby inside. A more intelligent and modern *screening* is now necessary.

Not a few persons are neither sleepers nor zombies: these individuals need to know the true substance of the entire thing, at least the part that is allowed to their knowledge.
This is a field - in particular this one - that demands a really strong scientific and quantitative analysis. Of course this doesn't only mean photos, videos, tales or legends, but most of all optical spectra, telemetric recordings, and VLF-ELF-ULF, Geiger, gravimetric, microwave, infrared, magnetometric, radar and high-energy recordings of the phenomenon, just to quote a few.
Most of us do understand that some crucial information cannot be released due to possible military connections. I understand this, because it might be a question of public security. I do agree with some form of government secrecy, in the same way in which I *do not* agree that any government permits that any kind of fake or idiocy is perpetrated and diffused.

But I am sure that through a clever, aimed and patient screening, something important can be however released, both to the public in general and to specialized scientists.

It should be considered once for all that a few scientists and serious ufologists have done and are doing a lot of work along this difficult and risky path. I think that this (practically unknown) amount of work and the acquired skills and experience should be considered and emphasized, in the case that some innovative scientific organization that is recognized officially by any government in the world will be soon created for this specific goal. This is a fundamental task, because the so called "UFO phenomenon" is not a curiosity, but a serious thing, and last but not least, an adventure of the intellect.

I would like to recall that not only critical analysis of UFO witnesses should be done, but also the recognition that some "recurrency areas" are present in the world (not a few in the USA territory alone): these are ideal laboratory areas where to carry out scientific measurements that promise a certain probability of success.

I would like to gently tell Mr. President-Elect that some scientific and technical know-how in this field is already operating since a few decades, in spite of the incredible shortage of money funding that is assigned to this task to scholars who are operating out of governmental structures (often at their own expenses in the free time). It would be a true pity that all of these efforts and experience are ignored or forgotten.

In few words I would like to assure Mr. Obama that a little "squadron" of international interdisciplinary experts (scientists and serious ufologists) already does exist: they are not devoted to armchair work, but to critical analysis of the UFO phenomenon in many of its facets. I think that this experience should not be dismissed.

In case, I believe that many of these investigators are willing to operate in full discretion, if requested. This should happen only for those cases requiring an in-depth study before releasing to the public.

I do not only mean the analysis of UFO data and/or theorization, but also something that might be related with "unconventional human technology".

There are a few reasons to think that such a possible technology might have some connection with the UFO phenomenon.

To conclude, I think that it is not so important to know what is the primary origin of the UFO phenomenon, but to know how it works exactly and how to reproduce it, if it exists indeed.
The undersigned, so far, is not convinced at all that the UFO phenomenon might be of real "extraterrestrial origin" (which I cannot anyway exclude at all, if convincing proofs will be obtained and/or released). Many new strange natural phenomena are coming out. While, maybe, some new technology of human origin might be operating: after all very precise and existing projects were carried out in Germany before and during WWII.

Once more, I want to stress that I believe that *disinformation* (and similar manipulated releases) and ridiculous or whacky "revelations" constitute *the biggest damage* to the entire UFO question, and, above all, to the citizens of the world in particular, who do not deserve to be made a fun of. Here is the reason of a serious and genuine "need to know", certainly not the terroristic "revelation" of the existence of "reptilians", "greys", "orange" or analogous movie-like and/or well-selling new age puppets for entertainment. All this totally ridicules the entire question, even in the case that a part of this possible threat were a true thing.

So, what exactly are ordinary persons allowed to know for true and what not? And what about scientists, who should be supposed to be one of the lance tips of our society?

Anyway, once more, it should be considered that some scientists are willing to work in secrecy if this is useful to protect citizens, being anyway ready to release information to the public only when the problem is clearly solved and when the public is ready to digest it correctly.

Massimo Teodorani
Dr. Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D.
Astrophysicist, Independent Researcher and Science Writer
Via Catalani 45 - 47023 Cesena (FC) - ITALY
E-Mail: mlteodorani@alice.it
Skype: dr.massimo.teodorani
Tel. 0039-0547-21891 / Cell. 0039-347-1918329

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