22 January 2009


The flight of a bird, the launching into the air of something that goes up and then falls, moment in which conveniently ends the video, the flight of airplanes among clouds filmed out of focus and adding the movement of the camera to give the idea that they are doing abrupt maneuvers but without showing reference points, all that is blatantly intended to make it appear as “UFOs”, not because they were unidentified, but to feed the believieng that strange things continue to appear, and mainly to keept the extraterrestrial myth.

It is all so simple, that is really crude to pretend that something is strange when it is not. Those videos do not deserve even a technical analysis. They are explicity evident by themselves.

Is it possible that there are people that allow to be mislead with these tall stories?

Is it possible to conceive that there are people that could believe that those videos show really something strange?

The most depicable is the fact that there are those who bother to obtain those videos, to collect them and to put them in YouTube with the eagerness to show how many they have been able to collect, or what is even worst, to suggest the idea that the Argentinian territory is experiencing (exclusively, otherwise) a “flap” of supposed “UFOs”.

But the sheer stupidity of pretending that common things are “UFOs” reaches other countries, of course.

It is the case of this picture taken in Venezuela of an airplane leaving a quite normal exhaust, that is presented with this unbelievable text: “The aircraft, which travelled from south-east to north-east and viceversa, produced when was high a kind of gaseous blend, of white color and extended dimension that lasted 30 minutes in vanishing”

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