04 January 2009


“Fastwalker” is the penultimate novel written by the well known Dr. Jacques Fabrice Vallée, related with UFOs.

The issue I have, has been published in 1996 by Frog, Ltd., in Berkeley, California, and it contains a total of 220 pages.

In the “Note to the Reader”, Vallée puts a warning. He says:

 “This is a work of fiction inspired by real events, but primarily designed to entertain. As such, it does not necessarily reflect my own views as a scientist researching the UFO phenomenon.”

With this warning, Vallée tries to play safe from any criticism, debate, and or danger that his ideas could trigger.

Anyway, I would like to call the attention of the reader to the fact that he recognizes that his work is “inspired by real events”, and that saying that “it does not necessarily reflect my own views” does not men that effectively it reflects his own views on the subject.

Anyone who has read the books about UFOs written before by Vallée will find its ideas developed to a degree he did not do before. The story and the characters belong to  the fiction, but it is my viewpoint that the ideas exposed by Vallée are real and they constitute as such, the core of his written work.

The Prologue (pages 1 to 6) with the “abduction” of an Papuan aborigine and his return to his forest, is a brief but excellent introduction to what will come later. In the middle Vallée refers to psywar, MK ULTRA, MK DELTA and some other experiments.

The important thing in this Prologue are the words put in the mouth of one important fictional character, that of General Bushnell, when he says:

“Anyone who didn’t believe that we could accomplish this missions in less than twenty-four hours using today’s off-the-shelf technology hasn’t paid attention to scientific developments  in the last twenty years. And anyone who doubts such experiments have in fact been conducted since World War II without the public or Congress being aware of them is woefully out of touch with reality.” (page 5).

Very well said. It’s a reality in spite of the fact that here is part of a fiction story.

This assertion by General Bushnell, takes us directly to the very existence of a “cryptocracy”(as it is defined by another character of the novel, on page 46).

Which means an organization of Intelligence, that is apart and above any other existent in the USA. That is “Alintel”, a name Vallée took from “a French-language novel published by Mercure de France in Paris en 1986”.

“Alintel” is the creation of a President of the United States in the ‘50s –according with the novel— “designed as a black project: No records, no traces, no bureaucratic trails. There were only twenty-eight members at the beginning.” (page 86).

The goal of Alintel is “a long-term control of the planet”. The creation of the myth of spaceships coming to Earth from outer space, and of ETs, or EBEs as their crews, fill that purpose.

Alintel manipulates people and situations. The main thing is a psychological control of the masses, using masked dwarfs and sophisticated technology.

Along the way, Alintel is behind almost any UFO organization, and ET cults. Vallée writes about NICAP, APRO, etc.

A key element in the novel appears on Chapter 12, where a character named Desmond Byrne – a  Professor of Phylosophy— is the vehicle Vallée uses to say some down-to-earth things about the whole UFO subject, and about some real individuals, as for instance our friend Dr. J. Allen Hynek who is protrayed as an “honest man”.

It is in this Chapter when Vallée writes about the Battelle Memorial Institute, the Robertson Panel, the Pentacle Memorandum, the BlueBook, Projects Stork and White Stork, etc.

One very interesting thing put in the mouth of Byrne, is this:

“there is a real cover-up”, but “It isn’t the reality of this particular phenomenon they are covering up, it’s what they’ve done with it. All the little horrors they can’t reveal, the sins they’ve hidden from us all these years”. (page 110).

But probably nothing defines better the real situation about the UFO subject that the phrase Vallée puts in the lips of another character named Vulcan:

“The right hand of Alintel is concerned with strategic deception. In the last forty years we have conditioned the U.S. public, indeed, the world masses, to expect visitors from outer space.” (page 196).

Is there still room for a real phenomenon?

Yes, and the answer that Vallée gives is this:

“Beyond the human level there are many layers of consciousness around the Earth –but not space people.” (page 199).

There are many other things in this novel that I prefer not to mention. You will discover them as you read it. 

I read this novel in less than three days.  It is amazing and fascinating.

It should be read by every seriously dedicated UFO investigator, and for any person who wants to understand better the whole issue.

Personally, I gladly realize that many ideas that I put as my conclusions after more than four decades dedicated to the UFO subject, in my book “UFOs: The Secret Agenda” go in perfect parallel with the ideas developed by Vallée in this novel.

I want to prevent any reader to think that I knew this novel before I wrote my book in 2000.

I bought this book through Amazon.com on December 21, 2008, it arrived at my home on December 29, and I finished reading it on January 4, 2009.

And this is the same date when I am writing this comments.

Milton W. Hourcade
Annandale, Virginia

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