12 January 2009


Who would have told us some decades ago?

But yes, put at the same level of a mythical mermaid and a bigfoot, there is an environmental coalition that has put ads using the also mythical picture of what is presumably an extra-terrestrial being.

They are shown at the Metro Center Station in Washington D.C., and probably in many other places where there go a lot of people.

And here is the explanation for this campaign:

Resources Defense Council (www.nrdc.org/about) and Sierra Club (www.sierraclub.org/inside/) launched the "Reality" Coalition, a national grassroots and advertising effort to tell a simple truth:  in reality, there is no such thing as "clean coal."  

Environmental experts agree that coal is the dirtiest fuel America uses to produce electricity. The "Reality" Coalition, then, is challenging the coal industry to come clean - in its advertising and in its operations. Coal cannot be considered clean until its carbon dioxide emissions are captured and stored.

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