23 January 2009


Someone takes his/her digital camera, and using flash, gets some photos in the night, pointing to the sky, to a forest, to a place preferably in darkness.

It could also be at sunset or at dawn, and even indoors provided there is a ligth that could indirectly reflect on the lens of the camera.

When those pictures are seen on the PC, laptop or notebook, oh surprise! There appear some white or colored circles, scattered through the image.

 “Ghots” say some people, “spirits of the dead” say others who went to take pictures at a cemetery. "Ufos” claim the most disoriented.

The answer is a resounding and clear NO.

They are known technically as ORBS, that is circles, round things.

They are produced when the camera flash bounces back from something reflective in the range of the camera. Those things could be dust, moisture, pollen, insects, hair, rain, snow, ash and scores of other semi-microscopic particles.

Or they are reflections on the lens created by some light in the place where the picture was taken.

And that is all.

For those who want a more detailed and technical explanation of this phenomenon, we recommend to go to:


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