20 July 2008


In 2005, Milton W. Hourcade did a comparative study about the Luminous Anomalous Phenomena. The chart that follows is the product of that work:

No description.White light big and bright, splitting in 2 or 3 lights of all colors.Zig-zagging, disappeared dancing about 10-20 feet above heads – floating side to side, back and forth.Small town. Dirt road near cemetery.
Ball.Blue-white.Hovering behind a car and following it at more than 50 mph.2 very old graveyards – since the building of a 4 lane highway the sightings ceased.
No info.White – splitting in different colors.Seen at 3 feet away, temperature drop drastically when seeing if shot it splits and disappears.Dirt road that leads to woods.
Big Thicket 
Ball, up to 15 metres of diameter.Changes from yellow to white to red as it approaches the observer.Sway back and forth, dances through trees, skims above cars.Dirt road, there have been railroad tracks.
Ball.Red, blue, green or white..Disappear if someone is approaching. They appear at dusk, initially one meter to 3 meters above the ground, rising up to 30 or 40 meters and remains there for a few minutes, then descend and shut down.In the top of the mountains, less than a kilometre away.
Georgia. GA.
No info.No info.Follow a vehicle for miles, then disappears abruptly.Dead end road parallel to old train tracks.
West Point, 
Light.Yellow.It moves along railroad tracks. It opens in front of the observer and meets behind, or disappears to reappear in front of and behind the observer.Railroad tracks.
Ball 2 to 2 ½ feet in diameter.White, semi-opaque/blue, yellowish green.Often moves along the tracks, sometimes comes toward the observer – changes sizes, goes to the woods and comes back swinging – it tends to show when there is a weather change coming on, usually when it is heading to overcast.Nearby old railroad tracks. The traks were long ago taken up.
Valley in the 
No info.All colors, it can even light up the whole valley / bright white, some red.It flickers and sways.Valley. Possible silver mines around Dover.
No info. Probably ball.White, blue and sometimes orange-yellow.No info.No info.
Beam of light – tall cylinder of 6 feet.Green and red lights.In the woods, next to a road, swinging, hover and drop and split on the road like a drop of liquid would do. Seen at 50 feet of distance – slithering in the woods, going to a car and stopping suddenly.Road in the middle of woods.
Ball or diamond shaped.Yellow/orange. Also red, green and blue. Sometimes many.Travels eastward down the road, sometimes at great speed. Hopping, swaying, spinning, moving in arcs. Avoid anyone who approaches it. Disappears in front of a person and behind. Heat felt when near.No info.
West of 
No info.White to green to red.A man was standing in the middle of the track as the light was coming. At a distance of 5 feet it went out and then reappeared behind him.Railroad tracks. Development in recent years has eliminated the source of the light.
Basketball. Small glowing discs.Yellow, white, red or bluish. Orange central disc with a border of faint blue lights.Appear at dusk. Disappear when approached closely. Follow people or cars. They appear from a degree or less above the horizon to several degrees. Keep showing for 15 seconds to a minute and fade. Some of them split into other two.Around Chinati Mountains, formed of superimposed flows of igneous rock – Reflective soil. Area geo-thermally active.
Le Seur, 
Lantern.Red light.Bobbing on railroad tracks.Omaha railroad tracks south of the town.
OXFORD, Ohio.Light like of a motorcycle.White.Up and down hills.Narrow road, on a hill, straight and trees. Typical rural road without traffic.
Watersmeet, Michigan.
Ball, change shape to octagon, multiple pointed star, diamond shape and again to round.Changes colors, white and red. Split into two. Changed from white to red to blue and a light purple. Green and purple.Goes back and forth along a railroad track, appears and disappears. Came 100 ft. from observers. Light floating over power lines. Approached by people on a car they saw nothing, other people said the light have been circling around the car. Very sensitive to sound. More sound less appears.Railroad tracks. Since the State widened Highway 74/76 the light is now rarely seen. The highway goes parallel to the railroad tracks.
SCUGOG ISLAND, Ontario, Canada.Light like of a motorcycle.White when approaching, red to leave.Bounces up and down on the ground. It looks like a white light that come and go and emits a red flare. The phenomenon is repeated every minute. You can see from time 23 to 2 am.Great island on Lake Scugog. The light appears in a field of a farmer, located at the end of a dirt road.
SENATH, Missouri.No info.Bright white. Change colors.Approaches to cars or follow them. Illuminates all the hood of a car. Moves fast.Along an abandoned railroad.
SAINT LOUIS, SK, Canada.Circular, triangular.White and red (also orange and yellow).It starts as a faint white light that becomes brighter and bigger. After reaching a peak of brightness, it quickly vanishes and is replaced by a red light no more than a pinpoint.Old railroad track. There is an underground river. The light only shines to the North.
SURRENCY, Georgia.Ball.Bright yellow.Disappear if someone is approaching.It goes along the railroad tracks of the line Macon-Brunswick. Geological anomaly in the depths of the village, discovered in 1985, known as "Surrency Bright Spot," "brilliant" because it reflects a number of radio waves higher than normal.
HESSDALEN, Holtalen, Norway.Balls of light, diameter of 1 to 10 meters. Faint regularly pulsating lights. Point-like flashes. Three lights in triangular formation moving together. Arrow. Square.Preferably white or white-yellow. Also orange, red, green and blue. Strong irregular pulsating white lights. Faint regularly pulsating lights changing colors: white, red, green, blue. Point-like flashes, white-blue and orange. Diffuse flashes of white color. Three co-moving lights in the sky (the "Triangle") which are point lights disposed in geometrical configuration with white-yellow colors. Small stationary light in the wood: white-yellow.The phenomenon started to be reported in 1981. The lights are measurable, reflect radar waves, produced local magnetic perturbations and cause unexplained "spike-like" radio signals in the HF-VHF range. The luminous phenomenon is not characterized by preferential directions but it is uniformly and randomly distributed in the sky. Some unstructured lights co-exist with structured ones, of particular shapes. The pulsating lights increased the rate of their pulse when pointed by a laser beam.Valley in the midst of a mountainous region. Near the Hesja river.
VICTORIA, Entre Ríos, Argentina.An initial luminous point that expands itself and multiply in many lights.Initial white point of light that increases its size, it changes color and multiplies in many lights (10 to 15). Also small red-orange, yellow phosphorescent green and electric blue lights.There are lights that make erratic movements, zig-zagging in all directions at great speed. Some of them move straight and increase their size when they come to an end of their movement. If somebody approaches them they go away at great speed or disappear. Some colored lights have traversed a group of observers affecting the video cameras (date and time indicators run crazy, or the camera turns off by itself). These colored lights have been seen at a distance of a yard, and some of them bigger have been seen at a distance of 30 yards approximately. There are well defined hours to see them: 7pm, 9pm, and 2am. Temperature does not change with the presence of the lights but in one occasion, a group of observers saw a light meanwhile those who were at the place where the light was seen, did not see anything but experienced an intense heat. The electric and electromagnetic fields become affected on the Pescado’s Lake.Over the waters of the Pescado’s Lake (South- South West) en over the Great Lake (North East-East)and in front of the Matanza Hill, 3 miles in the Eastern outskirts of the Victoria city and at 0.43 miles to 0.62 miles from the viewing point. Over lagoons and marshes in a wooded area of eucalyptus.

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