08 May 2022


On September 18, 2009, on this webpage we wrote: We refer to the work of Dr. Massimo Teodorani  under the title “The Need to Know”  vs. “The Need to Believe” in Ufology.”

Its extension do not allow us to include it directly in this webpage, but we give the reference so you can read it, which we recommend.

This was the situation and we tend to think that Dr. Teodorani  thought we published his article in English, but without a translation into Spanish.

We have been checking the situation and found that there is no such article among the many ones we have published.

Therefore, no matter the time that went on since 2009 and now, the article is excellent and we will include it in its entirety here not only in its original version in English but also in our translation into Spanish.

It’s justice!

Milton W. Hourcade

UAPSG Internationa l Coordinator


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