18 October 2012


We are glad to announce that Mr. Luis Emilio Annino, from the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, is a new member of our Group.

News in the media caught his attention about the U.A.P. subject when he was just 7 years old, as it has happened with many of us.

Later in his life, he has dedicated to read a lot about Aeronautics, Astronautics, Geopolitics and Defense.

Currently he is giving classes of Geography and History, and he is preparing his last thesis on Geography to obtain his Master degree.

Now he is active in the U.A.P. field. In October 2010 he started his own blog under the title of “Órbita Cero Mendoza” (Mendoza Zero Orbit) as a way to publish news about the subject. 

He is a member of CEFORA, a Commission which tries to obtain the declassification of Argentinean military documents related to U.A.P. cases, and in January of 2012 he started a deliberative group, connected with similar groups in his country and Le Répas Ufologique directed by Gérard Lébat in France.

Currently they are organizing sky watch operations in places considered “hot” for the potential presence of U.A.P.s.

We welcome Mr. Annino to the U.A.P.S.G., and we look forward to work together, relying on his talent and also to have his contributions to our blog.

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