09 July 2012

U.A.P issue will be discussed in Montevideo

When Montevideans meet this Wednesday 11, from 7PM to 8:30PM at the “Decano” barbecue and pizza parlor (Orinoco St. and Michigan St. – Malvín) they will have the special opportunity to discuss freely about many topics related with the Unusual Aerial Phenomena .

Is there really a phenomenon or is the wrong interpretation of known things by unprepared people?

Space travel is so easy or a complicated matter?

Are there better alternatives to the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis?

How to apply rationality to what appears to be fantastic?

Which are the best ways to investigate a UAP report?

Is the current investigation in Uruguay reliably?

Why the UAP files are kept secret?

Those and many other questions surely will come up during the meeting, and many more will be kept for the August meeting.

But this could be an extraordinary experience.

Mr. Germán Vázquez and Mr. Rafal Forli invite you and wait for you.

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