27 July 2012

The UFO issue and respectability

Mr. Germán S. Vázquez, co-founder of the Centro de Investigación de Objetos Voladores Inidentificados [Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center] (C.I.O.V.I.) in Montevideo, Uruguay, has 54 years dedicated to the investigation and study of the Unusual Aerial Phenomena, more commonly called UFOs.

A UAPSG member from the beginning, Mr. Vázquez deals in the following article with a very delicate and important issue which is the respectability of the subject.

Currently there is a surge of “ufologists” that ignore about it and this creates a serious problem. Here it is what Mr. Vázquez has written:

Late on December 1978 in an article I wrote for a magazine, I stated:

"Since certain time ago, the UFO phenomenon has gained respectability.
The merit of this is of those who have devoted all their efforts to do a serious research and dissemination of the information, free from sensationalism. Working often silently and other times making really needed public statements to put certain facts in their proper terms. Time, personal sacrifices, misunderstanding of some people, mockery, etc. has been the price to pay.
Maybe someone was of the opinion that it was a high price, but really worth it.
The current commitment is therefore very great. This gained respectability must be kept"

Near the end of that article I stated:

"The real danger lies in those who, wishing to devote themselves seriously to the task of research, due to their attitudes and behaviors, usually disoriented, contribute to a negative image, which ultimately serves to undermine such a precious respectability ..."

A long time has passed since the publication of these words but it seems that very often we have to refresh these concepts.

Currently we know much more about the so called UFO phenomenon.

There have been a widespread of a lot of serious information and whoever intends to venture into the phenomenon has at his/her disposal a vast amount of data, which is much more than what we possessed before.

In addition, these persons should try to know the facts, situations, cases, etc. that make the history of the phenomenon. This is essential...

A few days ago, in a publication advertising a UFO-related activity and trying to inform those interested in it, I read referred to the famous case of Kenneth Arnold the following:

"This incident marked the beginning of the observation and investigation of unidentified flying objects by civilian scholars, a subject that until then was only of military concern"

The person who wrote this and also invites to the activity allegedly organized and directed by her, is unaware that the Arnold case has often been called. "The case that started it all ..." in the history of the UFO phenomenon, and evidently there was not any kind of interest be it official, military or of any other kind, about something that had not yet been manifested.

The official commissions, mainly in the U.S. and civilians interested in the subject appeared almost simultaneously after...

This sort of thing should not be ignored by a serious scholar of the subject.

Whoever wants to enter responsibly into the UFO subject, have first to correctly inform him /herself. This is unavoidable.

To this purpose there is very good material available.

The article I wrote and that I mentioned at the beginning, ended saying:

"Honesty, composure and a good dose of common sense are perhaps three of the most powerful resources that has to have a person that expects to be considered a UFO phenomenon investigator. Unfortunately sometimes they are not easy to get ..."

I still keep the same opinion.

German Vazquez

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