19 April 2012


Philippe Ailleris reports from Germany

Philippe Ailleris, Member of UAPSG-GEFAI is in Germany attending the Conference “Envisioning Limits – Outer Space and the End of Utopia”, and he repots as follows.

I'm in Berlin this week for participating in the above conference and presenting my paper about the 1970s UN UFO initiative: "Red Soil, Phonograph Records and United Nations Resolution 33/426: Our 1970s Extraterrestrial Heritage''.

Being in Germany, it reminds me that in 2009 the Scientific Research Department of the German Bundestag had prepared a UFO document called: ''The search for extraterrestrial life and the implementation of UN resolution A/33/426 on the observation of UFO and extraterrestrial life''. This report remains unpublished, as far as I'm aware of. Germany has not yet officially disclosedhis UAP files...

And here is de document, originally written in German and translated into English

(English translation from my German friend Bernd):

Does the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) shut away UFO records?

The governmThe governmentent does research on UFOs - that should prove a hitherto secret parliamentary paper. The Federal Parliament's administration wants to prevent jurisdictionally the publication of this paper.
It is a subject on which problems can arise: Unidentified flying objects, UFOs shortly. Sceptics say that it is all nonsense. Believers say that it has been a real phenomenon for a long time.
The federal government officially supports the opinion of the sceptics. However, now it becomes obvious that the Scientific Service of the Federal Parliament believes that the government does secretly research on UFOs.
This at least becomes evident from an unpublished study conducted by the Scientific Service which “Welt Online” has on hand. So far the government has not answered inquiries regarding UFOs.
So the former parliamentary state secretary Peter Altmaier (CDU) answered in 2008 to a request from the FDP delegate Hartfrid Wolff that "the federal government has no information about sightings of so-called UFOs and aliens in Germany" and that no files on sightings of UFOs or aliens exist.
In the study of the Scientific Service with the title "The search for extraterrestrial life and the implementation of UN Resolution A/33/426 on the observation of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life" it says however that it would stand to reason that "even German authorities and ministries have been and are dealing with this issue."

Germany between the Soviet bloc and the Western World

The scientists of the Federal Parliament support their assumption with the fact that Germany was just between the Soviet bloc and the Western world during the Cold War. It is mentioned that "at least in military respect, there might have been an interest in investigating UFO phenomena."
This opinion is also shared by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne. DLR spokesman Andreas Schuetz says: "As far as I know, no one in Germany has dealt with the subject of UFOs in relation to aliens" However, he also considers the possibility of UFO research in a military context during the Cold War.
Robert Fleischer is someone, who has been convinced for years that the federal government has created UFO files. He is the coordinator of the citizens' initiative "Exopolitics", which campaigns for the release of information about UFOs. He says: "I think it is incredible that Germany should not have any UFO files. After all, already 19 countries worldwide have opened their secret archives."
The study gets special urgency, since the Federal Parliament wants to keep it secret and is even willing to risk a trial. According to information of "Welt Online" the administrative court in Berlin heard on first December whether the documents must be published (Ref. 2 VG 91.11 K).

Why the federal government denies?

The federal administration, which includes the Scientific Service, explains the secretiveness: "It is a study that has been conducted exclusively on behalf of a member of the German Bundestag and was only made available to him.”
However, the member of the German Bundestag, who ordered the study, tells a different story. On her question whether she was allowed to publish the study, the Scientific Service answered “no” due to fact that the Federal Parliament was afraid of misuse of the material.
The federal administration, however, is not willing to take responsibility for this and denies everything in a statement to "Welt Online". According to the federal administration the study of the Scientific Service represents copyrighted material and elaborates: "Every member of the Federal Parliament gets an explicitly notice about the copyright protection of studies of the Scientific Service.”

UFO activist is suspicious

UFO activist Fleischer does not believe that this is purely a routine measure. He says: "My guess is that the authorities want to nip any speculation about UFOs in the bud."
But how do scientists react, who have dealt with UFO phenomena?
The well-respected physics professor and UFO sceptic Harald Lesch from Munich, known by the TV show “Abenteuer Forschung”, does not believe in secret UFO research in Germany:" I am convinced that German ministerial officials have never dealt with UFOs. What should aliens do here? They should rather go to France, because there is at least good food. "


We thank Phillip Ailleris for this important piece of information.

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