28 April 2012


It was in the evening of April 29, 1958, when a group of intrepid young individuals, going against all the odds and opinions of that time, took over their shoulders the task to investigate and study the so-called “flying saucers” and gave shape to what during 50 years was one of the pioneer institutions in Latin America, and one which lasted more than many others: CIOVI, the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center.

Along the time, the Center managed to change in the Uruguayan society the ridiculous name of “flying saucers” for the most technical U.F.O.s.
The Center started its work from the scratch and really created Ufology in Uruguay. The Observation Form, the technicalities of the field investigation, the contact with the Uruguayan Air Force, with scientists and technicians of different disciplines, the support of laboratories, and the relationship by mail and personally with the most relevant investigators of those times made of CIOVI the most successful and extraordinary experience that a group like this could have.

Three generations of people participated in the work of the Center along the 50 years. What is left is an enormous knowledge of the UFO subject and all the things around it, and a wonderful friendship between those who belonged to the Center.

Even today, 4 years after having closed its activities, some people in Uruguay still send letters or photographs to be analyzed by CIOVI.

Maybe CIOVI could be like the Phoenix Bird, and arise from its ashes…

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