12 November 2010


“When there are UFOs there is money!” could be the idea.

And it is something that really works for the organizers of annual congresses done not all the time in the same place, although there are places looked as “historical” that call for the repetition of such activities every year.

They are business with the excuse of “UFOs”, or more precisely, of the extraterrestrial myth and a rainbow of individuals that makes their living of that.

Those congresses are a pretext to promote tourism to one particular area.
From organized trips to “special places”, to the percentage that the organizers will get after an arrangement with a hotel where a congress would be held, everything tends to satisfy clients, entertain public, and at the end…make money out of the UFO subject.

This is the truth behind the vast majority of those meetings.

Exceptionally there could be some of them, which really pursue to deal in depth with the UFO subject, and those kinds of activities are exclusively related to a very selective group of people specially invited.

Those are not public events, they are not open to the public at large, and those who participate are a limited number of scientists and or experts, who will deliberate for some days about the issue and come out with certain recommendations, guides for a future work, and an evaluation of the whole issue if it is possible.

Those are the serious activities that later could be known by the general public through a press conference, and or a book, etc.

An example of that was the First Colloquy of the River Plate, organized by C.I.O.V.I., in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1962.

Another example was the scientific panel convened in Pocantico, New York, in 1998, by Professor Dr. Peter Sturrock.

Outside of that kind of activities, the so-called “UFO congresses” in general, are activities to promote the personal infatuation of some people, and the way many of them are making money exploiting the UFO subject, selling magazines, books, CDs, DVDs, and many objects done by artisans, etc. On the top of all of that, the perpetuation of the extraterrestrial myth is a condition “sine-qua-non”.

Science and a serious approach to the subject have nothing to do with all of that.

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