20 November 2010


Yes, they could be classified as shoddy or trashy U.F.O.s without hesitation.

Those are the results of a new wave of behavior of certain people.

They go outdoors, at any time, although preferably at night, and they start taking pictures to the sky, anywhere in the sky, it doesn’t matter.

Or they are on a place taking some pictures of trees, or a lake, birds or flowers.

The key thing happens later.

They go to their PCs or laptops, they download their pictures and lo and behold!, a mysterious dot appears in one of the pictures they have taken.

Or many dots in different pictures, specially if they were taken at night (they are technically know as “orbs”), and voilá! Once again they think they have been able to photograph U.F.O.s! And of course, for them “U.F.O.” is something totally identified as an extraterrestrial spaceship! They totally skip the “U” of the acronym.

These are enthusiasts of the ET idea, they are honest people, they don't want to lie on purpose, or to make business with their pictures. They feel that they have met the unknown.

Objectively, nevertheless, that is not the case.

A couple of things, therefore, have to be said:

1) These people are not witnesses, because they have seen nothing.

2) Their interpretation of what afterward appears in some pictures is totally biased, irrational, and has no point of support.

Therefore, they are not in conditions to declare publicly that they have photographed an extraterrestrial spaceship, which is what they understand when they use the acronym “U.F.O.”.

The task to identify what has been seen or photographed, or to declare it Unidentified belongs to the investigators and scholars dealing with the issue.

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