11 November 2010

THE MEDIA AND A CONGRESS: A sad verification

Due to certain publicity given to a Congress that will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, during this month, the UFO Phenomenon has returned to the media.

After having contributed with other people and along many years to provide correct information about the issue through articles, speeches, conferences, interviews and so on, I have felt a sensation of bitterness when I see how this subject is dealt by the local media.

I realized that no matter how much it has been pointed out through the years, many journalists and a lot of people that took contact with the media do not have by themselves the clear meaning of what “UFO” strictly means.

Once again there have been mentions related to “believe or not in the existence of UFOs” suggesting that those could be artifacts of extra-terrestrial origin, without realizing the evident contradiction implicit in that way of defining them.

They are one thing or the other, but not both of them…

Would it be necessary to start explaining again these things? Regretfully it seems that it would be the case from time to time, because apparently these things are easily forgotten.

I also think that the media has not taken seriously the subject. It seems like if it is placed in the border between reality and fantasy…and there is a tendency to exploit the fantastic side. Evidently, may be it is more attractive and the one that gets much interest among the general public.

Also in this opportunity, there is not a contribution of the publicized Congress itself, according with its program .

I think that in that Congress there are certain issues that should not be mixed with others, if there were the intention to give to the event a serious scientific tone.

As an example, it could be said that on a scientific congress about Medicine there wouldn’t be included “sorcerers” and their experiences.

Germán S. Vázquez

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