06 November 2010

UMMO – A myth instigated by American agents

UMMO – A myth instigated by American agents
A letter of J.L. Jordán Peña reveals it all


No one that has worked in the UFO field could ignore the “affaire UMMO”.

Also, no one seriously dealing with the UFO subject could have believed in that tricky although obviously astute manipulation.

Only those feeble of spirit or people with fantasy prone personalities could have given a minute of consideration to such a masquerade.

But nevertheless, there were many of that kind of people in different parts of the world.

We knew people that considered themselves important because they have received a letter from UMMO.

The whole subject subsided with the time and with the clear evidence that it was a big hoax.

But now there is a confession made by the main responsible for the hoax: Mr. José Luis Jordán Peña, from Spain.

The most important thing is that on a letter where he confess to be the main author of the whole hoax, he declares something outstanding:

“Two American citizens named Doctor Jonathan F. Mac Guire and his assistant, Professor Arnold J. Lebotski which worked for an Official Organization, contacted me many years ago in Alicante and asked me to help them to develop a sociological experiment for the good of the Western Culture……They always paid me in dollar bills…In exchange, all that I had to do was to invent a world of fantasy (although inspired in their suggestions) and spread it with total freedom among my friends and acquaintances.”

This is a corroboration of the way that American intelligence agencies have been manipulating the public opinion in relation with the UFO subject.

The Pentacle memorandum, Project Stork, etc. become once again relevant in the context of this new revelation.

Lessons to learn particularly by people that sometimes are extremely naïve when dealing with the UFO subject.

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