08 February 2009


“Stratagem” is the last novel written by the prolific Dr. Vallée that once again deals with the UFO subject.(Documatica Research, LLC, California, 2007, 220 pages).

To my great surprise, Colares, in the Amazonian region of Brazil, is the hot spot chosen for the beginning and the end of the novel.

Those who frequently read these pages have been able to know about what happened in Colares during 1977. (See: “Colares (Brazil), Caronia (Italy) A Challenge  to UAPSG Members” – published on September 19, 2008).

Well, something extraordinary happened in Colares to the main characters of this novel, and they develop a plan –the stratagem of the title—to know who’s behind what they experienced.

One of the weakness of the novel is that the stratagem is finally known by too many people, when the intelligent thing should have been to keep it as secret as possible.

In itself, it remembered me in certain way the “Operation Lure” suggested by Donald Keyhoe in his book “Aliens from Space”. 

But the approach here is not mythical and naïve as the one suggested by Keyhoe that expected to attract presumed extra-terrestrials.

Here the stratagem is directed to those guys who appear to have something to do with the UFOs, and try to control the whole issue.

Who are those rude thugs that are even capable to kill someone in order to keep a secret? Whom do they work for? And why they do so?

This serves as a pretext for Vallée who takes the opportunity to share with the readers some other pieces of his ideas about the official investigation of the UFO phenomenon by the US authorities, and by others.

The novel shows how it is possible to create a faked UFO landing, and all the consequences –some of them foreseeable, some of them not— that the event will create, and how it becomes an unstoppable snow ball that runs throughout the world. Exactly what had happened with many “UFO cases”.

And also there is an explanation about what happened in a place near Roswell, which goes not exactly but quite along with what I wrote in my latest book.

I will not say a word about the nature of the strange phenomena seen in Colares, because it would be like revealing who is the assassin in a police novel.

But I cannot end this brief comment without saying that one of the most interesting ideas suggested by Vallée is that the investigation of the UFO phenomenon has been transferred from the official to the private sector. 

And also that the organization that develop such a task with a worldwide scope, has not the headquarters in the USA but in Belgium.

If you want to know more, just read the novel. 

Milton W. Hourcade

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