04 February 2009

GERMÁN S. VÁZQUEZ : all the CIOVI experience, in Uruguay

Although the date of the official beginning of the Centro de Investigación de Objetos Voladores Inidentificados, C.I.O.V.I. (Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center) is on April 29, 1958, there was a group of people working before then. Those people met together, made plans, and were the ones that announced publicly that were ready to create an organization in Uruguay.

Among those who attended the meetings and thought about creating CIOVI was Germán Sergio Vázquez Quartiani.

He was one of the co-founders of CIOVI along with other people like Hermann Jegerlehner, Vicente Curci, Walter A.Cifarelli and who signs this note.

While along the years –and were decades!—some people left CIOVI, others remained in the front line of the field investigation, case studies, and analysis of the whole subject.  Therefore accumulating experience and expertise like no one else in Uruguay.

Among those who remained were Hermann Jegerlehner, and Germán Vázquez.
Regretfully, Jegerlehner died prematurely in 1989. That was the same year in which the undersigned went to live in the United States.

Of course there were other people who worked in CIOVI, but of those co-founders the only one that remained in Uruguay as an active member of the Center, is my great friend Germán Vázquez.

In our regular activities, we were all leaders but we divided our work accordingly with our personal abilities and inclinations.  

Vázquez was a very effective interrogator in the area of the field investigation dealing with witnesses, and also in the selection of people who wanted to join the Center.

He was also a meticulous recorder of the data belonging to a case, a very skilled drawer, an incisive analyst of the cases we investigated, and a hard worker preparing audio and visual material for our public lectures and radio broadcasting programs.

He has also a fine sense of humor, particularly reflected when he deals with anecdotes of our work.

Germán Vázquez is the living presence of the best of CIOVI in Uruguay.

He has been interviewed many times by the press and also figures in “Páginas Perdidas de la Historia Uruguaya”, a book  published in December 2008.

Now he is thinking on writing a book about UFOs seen through the 50 years of the pioneering activities of CIOVI.

If he decides to do so, we are ready to bring him all our possible support and in the meantime we are proud to have him as one of the first members of our Group.

From this blog, we extend to him a well deserved homage.

His e-mail address is: artanis.f@hotmail.com

Milton W. Hourcade

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