03 February 2009


Dr. Albert A. Harrison
is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California, Davis.  He is co-author of Living Aloft, Human requirements for Extended Spaceflight (1985), From Antarctica to Outer Space: Life in Isolation and Confinement (1991) and author of After Contact: the Human response to Extraterrerstrial Life (1997) and Spacefaring: The Human Dimension (2001), plus a large amount of papers.

He was a member of the International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Committee, and of NASA’s Space Human Factor Engineering Science and Technology Working Group, and also of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery of Science.

I contacted Dr. Harrison by e-mail a month ago, and it was very fortunate that he has to visit Washington D.C. for family matters.

Arrangements were made for us to meet together on February 1st., and this was undoubtedly a very special occasion to talk for two hours and a half with such a relevant scientist, about things dealing with life in Space, extraterrestrial intelligence, behavioral psychology, and other issues.

He was very generous as he made me a gift of two of his books that I will read and later comment on these pages.

In the meantime, he also encouraged me to write an English version of my latest book, a possibility that I opportunely will consider.

It was a real privilege to met Dr. Harrison, but even more it is to have him as a friend.

Milton W. Hourcade

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Milton said...

I am deeply flattered and cannot wait to show one of my latino friends. I
have added the site to my favorites.