24 February 2009


The French G.E.I.P.A.N. (UAP research and information group) has one of the most interesting Web pages dedicated to the study and analysis of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that we can find in the Internet.

Regretfully it is only written in French and English.

Among the things that the original GEPAN, later SEPRA, and more recently GEIPAN has produced along the time, there are important publications dealing with different issues of its work and about the UAPs themselves.

Here is the list of the publications, and we really encourage our members to read them.

“Work Document”

“The ball-lightning”

4 Notes of Information

18 Technical Notes

“Report  of the GEIPAN Piloting Committee 2006-2007”

“The Reality of the UFO Phenomenon”

Under “Procedures. Methodological documents” there are:

3 about Photoanalysis
1 about Case Files
3 about Studying the UAP
1 about “Procedure of Analysis of the UAP observations”
1 about “Procedure of Intervention of Private Researchers cooperating with GEIPAN”

Memories, Thesis, Studies, Reports

1 on Astronomical Analysis

1 on Psychological Analysis

2 on Psychosocial Analysis

1 on Statistical Analysis

1 on Case Files

3 Working Documents

6 on Detection of UAP

1 Study of Hydrodynamics

1 Study of Magneto-Hydrodynamics

1 on The Physics of UAP

1 on the Aeronautical and Space propulsions of the future

1 Study of Traces (biological and mechanical aspects)

The G.E.I.P.A.N.  belongs to France's C.N.E.S. (Space Studies National Center).

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