11 May 2023



"I should also stay clearly for the record, that in our research AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics."

This declaration of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick at the minute 14:02 of the meeting of the Senate Sub-Committee on Threats and Capabilities, has trigger a frenzy of reactions, many of them desperate or absurd.

One man –pretending that he knows a lot about the subject- simply laughed at that declaration, making mockery of it on Facebook.

George T. Knapp, a conspiracy theorist who happens to be also a journalist, has written a book about the liar Bob Lazar and his fantasies about reverse engineering at Area 51 where he allegedly worked, which is not true.

Knapp –the journalist, not an investigator—has written about UFOs in the Soviet Union, which shows the desperation to maintain the E.T. myth.

Returning to Lazar, he has said he was a Physicist, which is also a lie.

Lazar was considered officially a felon due to exploiting women as prostitutes. In 1990 he was arrested in Nevada.

This is the individual that some people prone to fantasy follow as if he were telling the truth about extraterrestrials kept in Area 51 and the development of reversal engineering.

Worst, there is another conspiracy theorist, who is saying that there was not only a spaceship fallen at Roswell, but that there has been a total of six other spaceships that have been recovered once they crash on Earth.

It is possible that people were refloating the old and faked story of Silas Newton and Leo A. Gebauer about a "flying saucer" that crashed in Aztec, New Mexico in 1948.

The conspiracy theorists operate under the premise that "the government hides the facts", and "the government is not telling us the truth".  That is a gratuitous accusation and supposition, just to win the mind of those who, pursuing the truth end up believing in falsehood.

Another individual exploiting credulity and supporting Bob Lazar, is Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell,  an artist and filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, California.

There is also the effort of someone using the accredited logo of CUFOS –the organization founded by Dr. J. Allen Hynek-- who reproduces old "ufo" cases on Facebook, and now is pushing to revisit the Roswell area.

And there is the general mention of the thousands of "UFO  reports” happened throughout the world as if it were proof that something of that sort exists.

We know through dedicated investigation that a "UFO report" means nothing because the experience proves that the vast majority of them end up being something that has a perfect explanation. The supposed "UFO" ends up being an IFO.

This doesn't mean that all and everything has been explained. There are things that deserve more investigation and study, and that is what AARO is doing. 

The ALP phenomena, like in the Hessdalen valley, deserve more study with instruments as Astrophysicist Dr. Massimo Teodorani has proposed.

But there is even another possibility. The craziest one: the ETs are among us but…they are invisible!

That could explains why AARO can't find them!!

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