24 May 2023




What follows simply emerges from my direct experience of having investigated personally dozens and dozens of cases during the 50 years of intense activity developed by the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center (Centro de Investigación de Objetos Voladores Inidentificados) in Uruguay.


1) The witnesses say the truth: As I have said many times publicly, the witnesses say the truth. Generally, they saw something that they were unable to identify and they report that as unidentified. Exceptionally there could be witnesses that lie just because they are looking to get money for the story or publicity, being interviewed on TV, etc.


2) The culture is responsible for the wrong interpretation: the influence of the press in all their forms, but mainly through television and newspapers, faked videos, and stories circulating in the Internet, shape the way a witness can interpret what he/she is seeing. There comes along the wrong use of the adjective “unidentified” because there is a tendency to assimilate that classification to “spaceship”, vulgo: UAP. 


3) The total absence or nearly absence of scientists willing to deal with the UAP subject worsens the situation. Regretfully, there has been historically a tendency in the scientific community not to engage or deal with the UAP subject. Had the scientists –particularly those involved in Astronomy and Physics— participated actively in educating the people, an enormous amount of time, working hours, money spent, and confusion, could have been effectively avoided. Fortunately, the official investigation of UAP reports led by the Defense Department (the AARO) and the independent initiative with the same purpose done by NASA have scientific Directors. Dr.Sean Kirkpatrick and Dr.David Spergel, respectively.


4) Discrepancies among scientists also contribute to the confusion of the public. When people as Dr. J. Allen Hynek –who agreed in his role as advisor to the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, which brought many contents of his book “The UFO Experience a Scientific Inquiry” of 1972, to the screen; Dr. Jacques Vallée with his “cocktail” of cases in his “Passport to Magonia” of 1970; Dr.James McDonald, pushing the E.T. agenda in front of legislators, Dr. David R. Saunders and his book “UFOs? Yes!” of 1968; Dr. Michio Kaku in some of his videos, the current SCU (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies) in relation with the so-called “Aguadilla Case” in Puerto Rico, and –last but not least—Astrophysicist Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb, and his idea that Omuamua was an “interstellar visitor” really create confusion among the “man on the street”. Whom to believe? 


5) The eventual witness of something that for him/her is strange, is left to his/her own devices.  That is the real situation. We cannot blame the witnesses, on the one hand, and we cannot discredit them on the other hand, because usually their reaction confronted with something apparently or really strange, won’t be the cold and ordered discernment of the possibilities that “that thing” could be something natural or artificial but well known.


6) It is the undeniable obligation of scientists, investigators, and scholars to study the cases, search for their logical and verifiable solutions, and educate the people using all the possible media. The contact with the press, --especially TV—has demonstrated to be the appropriate media through which it is possible to illustrate and teach about how and what kind of supposed UAPs, end up being IAPs. There is a need to educate people about the many things that could confuse them and make them think that they are in front of something extraordinary when that is not the case.


7) Consideration apart deserves the situations where there is not a simple witness of something seen in the sky, but an active participant in situations in which the person complains to have been abused in many physical ways while abducted. 


The vast literature on the subject –The Interrupted Journey” by John G. Fuller, 1966; “Missing Time: Startling Revelation of Alien-Human Contact” , 1981; “Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions” 1981; “ Intruders – the incredible visitations at Copley Woods” 1987; “Witnessed: true story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction“, 1996; “Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings” 2003; “Art. Life and UFOs: A Memoir”, 2009; all these books  by Budd Hopkins; Transformation – The Breakthrough” by Whitley Strieber, 1989; UFO Abductions a Dangerous Game” by Philip J.Klass, 1989; “Secret Life – Firsthand accounts of UFO Abductions” by David M.Jacobs, 1992; Abduction – Human Encounters with Aliens” by Dr. John E. Mack, 1995; Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis” by Dr.Susan Blackmore, article published in 1998; Abducted – how people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens” by Dr. Susan A. Clancy, 2005; shows how relevant this issue became during some years. Currently, one has the impression that it has diminished or ceased.


There could be more than one explanation for this kind of situation.


a) movies and “documentaries” shown on  “History Channel” plus literature and the press, in general, have contributed to disseminating this idea that “aliens” are abducting people.


b) individuals with personalities prone to fantasy, easily influenced, or living lives out of the normal, are clearly victims of believing in the abduction and with a high possibility to experience one by themselves.


c) the vast majority of abduction cases become known through hypnosis, a procedure rejected by science and not accepted by tribunals.


d) many of the hypnosis have been done by people not specifically trained to do so. That is the case of the late plastic artist Budd Hopkins and the historian David M. Jacobs. An exception was Dr. John Mack, but no one can dismiss the fact that besides the questioned procedure, it allows the hypnotist to influence on the abductee and what he or she says under hypnosis, to the point –and this is verifiable—that there is possible to discern who has been the hypnotist according to the story related by the abductee.


From my viewpoint, the “abduction phenomenon” should be put aside, because worst of all, it presupposes the presence and activity of alien entities on our planet, and that extreme has still to be scientifically demonstrated and confirmed.  


What it is possible in some cases, is that certain individuals have been victims of a staged operation typical of intelligence. 


8) What is left to us? Be the guardians of the truth, educate the public, perfect our investigation and study, and perform the Aero-Space Identification process. Create multi-disciplinary teams including Astronomers, Physics, Meteorologists,  Medicine Doctors, Psychologists, Sociologists, Biologists, Photo and Video Analysts, and eventually any other discipline needed for a given case.


Be “down-to-earth” but also not closed-minded, because the history of Science is full of surprises.


Mg. Milton W. Hourcade

Iowa City, May 22, 2023.


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