26 December 2021


As has been his work and his kind attention to investigators, our dear friend and colleague Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos is sending from Valencia (Spain) an update of his UFO FOTOCAT BLOG, reviewing old pictures from Brazil and Argentina, plus information about the official investigation in U.S.A. (although we have to warn our readers that VJBO reproduces information given by Jason Colavito on December 8, that differs from what we have been given on the subject based on official documents, on December 15.  Representative Gillibrand had an idea original about a project named ASRO but it did not had the votes. And also has been put aside any participation of civilians because the Office that will take care of all the investigation is the AOIMSG, and this is in the hands of the Department of Defense.) 

The report is written in English and Spanish. 

Here is the link:  http://fotocat.blogspot.com/2021_12_26_archive.html

Milton W. Hourcade







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