07 October 2013


The subject of the Unusual Aerial Phenomena is enough intricate as to complicate it even more.

Some people –maybe with their best intentions--  confuse to be open minded with the acceptance  “bona fide” of any issue that directly, indirectly or supposedly has something –and sometimes nothing—to do with the UAP subject..

Under the idea of being neutral, the rationality, the common sense, the good judgment, the logic, the demand for evidence or proof, all of that is put on hold or set aside. And then everything is welcome: crop circles, ancient astronauts, men in black, underground cities, teleportation, automatic writing, telepathic messages from aliens, contactees, trips on flying saucers, etc.

This stance is not only un-scientific, it is really absurd.

As human beings we are equipped with intelligence to discern what is right and what is wrong, what is fact and what is fiction, what makes sense and what is nonsensical, what is reliable and what is suspicious at least if not really faked, what is certain and what is speculation, what is dealing with reality or with a far/fetched story.

An dealing directly with the UAP subject we need to wonder what could be the truth behind a story and what amount of disinformation is spread by intelligence sources to make us believe in things that really do not exist or that if they exist they are of a different nature that the one they want us to believe.

The UAP subject has been the object of a vast psychological operation from various sources. Unless we are aware of this fact, we do not know really what we are dealing with.

On the other hand, the negligible percentage of the unknown is the only thing that still should demand our attention, investigation and study.

And the best approach to develop such an investigation, study and come to acceptable conclusions, is to pursue the latest trend on this matter: be well equipped with various instruments, choose the place where the Unusual Aerial Phenomenon is repeatedly reported and try with all that means, (photograph, video,  radar, spectrometer, magnetometer, microphones) all coordinated and chronologically developed through a software program, to gather all the possible data and afterward get them analyzed by a multidisciplinary group of scientists.

Fantasy, conspiracy theories, believers, swindlers, the commercial exploitation, pseudo-science approaches, etc. have no room whatsoever to be mixed with the UAP subject properly considered

This is the lesson that I’ve learned during 55 five years dedicated to the investigation and study of the UAP (50 of which in C.I.O.V.I.): neutrality is not objectivity.

This task –as many others— requires seriousness, discipline, and engagement.

Milton W. Hourcade

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