26 March 2012

Welcome to I.D.R.E.C.

We welcome the Argentinean group I.D.R.E.C. as a new member of UAPSG-GEFAI.

The acronym I.D.R.E.C. means Investigation and Documentation of Strange things in the Sky.

They work with a night viewfinder connected with a video system.

They want to give to the subject a clear scientific approach. They constitute their group with professionals. They are a Meteorologist, a pilot and a physicist.

When they record something rare, they sent the images through e-mail to those professionals. If they do not find anything strange, the video is left there without more consideration. But if any of them is not able to recognize what has been recorded, they upload it to the Internet with the analysis of those professionals, the ones who cannot identify what has been recorded and those who think they can do an identification. Then they left that each person could arrive to his/her own conclusion.

We wish to I.D.R.E.C. a fruitful work, through which they could be able to find irrefutable evidence about the presence and activity of Unusual Aerial Phenomena.

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