20 March 2012


1) The U.A.P.S.G. is international.

2) All its members are called to do research, investigation and analysis through personal interviews, the Internet, using libraries, the reading of books and scientific papers, the use of software, etc. and to share the results of that task.

3) The key points of our work are:

  • To keep track of the state-of-the-art technologies, especially in the areas or air and space
  • Be aware about phenomena that could be considered unusual and that is happening in very specific places on Earth that demand or have encouraged an investigation “in situ”
  • To be aware of the latest theories in Physics which try to explain reality and the universe
  • To propose and carry out as much as possible the observation, recording, measuring, the taking of the spectrogram, sound and distance of certain phenomena that could be of interest, hoping that the data so collected would be later analyzed by scientists to come to a conclusion. (Dr. Massimo Teodorani’s “Physics from the UFO Data” is a masterpiece on this activity).

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