02 March 2012


Punctually, at 11 AM on Thursday February 22, 2012, Martin Fragoso, a UAP student and editor of the blog Las Patillas de Asimov, arrived to the hotel where I was staying, in México City, and he began interviewing me for an hour and a half.

Martin posed very relevant and well thinked questions, and for me it was a pleasure to meet him.

Hopefully the interview is going to be published soon, either as a written text or as a sound-track.

This kind of contacts between UAPSG-GEFAI Members are quite important for the very existence of the Group and to reinforce our vision of the whole Unusual Aerial Phenomena subject.

I wish good luck to my friend Martin, and I hope that next time I would be interviewing him about his activities in Mexico and how he sees the whole UAP subject.

Regretfully it was not possible a meeting already arranged with Engineer Luis Ruiz Noguez, for the same day at 8PM.

It is my hope that next time I travel to Mexico city, this meeting will take place.

Milton W. Hourcade

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