23 October 2008

New Mini-Series on "UFOs"

 World Premiere of MUFON Mini-Series Airs on the Discovery Channel

This Monday, October 27th at 9PM EST - Don't miss the first of three episodes of the new mini-series, "UFOs Over the Earth" featuring MUFON investigators and cases.

This is the information we received and gladly make available to you.
After you see the Mini-Series we will welcome your comments. 

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Milton said...

I saw the first chapter of the series. Quite frankly I became totally disappointed by the way the MUFON investigators work.

They do not perform a meticulous reconstruction of the events. They do not use any instrument on site, except a video camera.

And their will to accept a very feeble case with one main witness that did not even pass the lie detector was totally unacceptable under a minimal scientific criteria.
M. Hourcade