14 October 2008

A.F.U. – Sweden UFO Archives

The Archives for UFO Research was founded in Sweden in 1973.

Mr. Anders Liljegren is one of the founding members of UFO-Sweden in 1970, and co-founder (with Håkan Blomqvist and Kjell Jonsson) of the predecessor to Archives for UFO Research, in 1973.

Mr. Liljegren has been involved for many years in the UFO subject.

He has been kind to send us the latest AFU Newsletter, # 52, of October 2008.

We came to know about how AFU acquired books and archives of a couple of people, one American and one Swedish, who passed away.

Also we are informed that A.F.U. three main work facilities are all lined up within
200 meters distance along the same street. They are contemplating to continue renting a fourth facility, which is their oldest (and smallest) archive, in fact the
place where they first moved in - in 1980.

What A.F.U. is doing in Sweden is something similar to what Fundación Anomalía is doing in Spain, with books and archives in Spanish.

As we can see, an enormous amount of material that was produced along decades dealing with the UFO subject, comes now to be a collectible product, something to keep and save, something to read and review as history.

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