27 October 2008


“OVNIS: La Agenda Secreta” (UFOS: The Secret Agenda) – a shocking revelation at the beginning of the New Millennium-, reflects the 49 intensely lived years of experience of the author as UFO investigator and student.

Through its 20 chapters,an Epilogue and an Annex referred to the conclusions of the official investigation in the U.K., the book presents abundant material related with official US documents, as well as excerpts and quotes of books never translated before into Spanish, or out of print.

The book has a Foreword by Italian Astrophysicist Dr. Massimo Teodorani.

The book provides an analytical vision with scientific criteria and common sense focusing onto the controversial issue of UFOs, and it reveals what for the author is the true identity and origin of all the subject.

“OVNIS: La Agenda Secreta” reviews little known UFO cases which are key elements to reveal the identity of strange objects that certainly have been flying the skies of the World, or have landed… Also the book orderly introduces the viewpoints of experts in Physics, Psychology and the very UFOs.

The Roswell incident and the Abduction phenomenon deserve two of the bigger chapters of the book, where these two issues are meticulously dissected.

The book also abridges in an orderly way all the information about the most recent aerospace technology bringing a detailed account of the Stealth technology, the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles) as well as the latest news on MAVs (Micro Air Vehicles), the prospective use of Nanotechnology and the fabulous “Lightcraft” project of , Professor Leik Myrabo of the Rensselaer Institute, and the coming sub-orbital “pumpkin”.

The book also deals with a series of experimental aircrafts belonging to NASA and the most important Aerospace industries, including the enigmatic “Aurora”, and the recent discovery of very special atmospheric phenomena called “Ghosts” and “Sprites”.

There is a deep analysis of the official UFO investigation and current tendencies in the US  related with UFOs, as well as a special mention to the International Scientific Panel convened by the prestigious Dr. Peter Sturrock of Stanford University, in California.

Summing up, using a clear and simple language the book provides an ample vision to place the UFO subject in a proper perspective. There are a lot of things in the sky and this study done in a “The X Files” style, discovers to the reader an unusual environment of well documented top secret experiments and operations. The overall purpose of the book is to be an educational tool for teachers, Professors of Astronomy, students, the general public, and off course, Ufologists.

"OVNIs: La Agenda Secreta" won the International Zurich Prize extended by the Fundación Anomalía, of Spain.

People interested in buying the book should write to tradinco@adinet.com.uy 

The Author

Lic. Milton W. Hourcade co-founded  the Centro de Investigación de Objetos Voladores Inidentificados (CIOVI) –see the Web page— in his native country, Uruguay, on April 29, 1958, and is well known internationally for his serious approach to the UFO subject and his expertise as investigator of UFO reports.  A friend of the late Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek (considered the most relevant UFO investigator of the World), Mr. Hourcade have been in contact with the best official and private investigators and organizations in the US, Latin America and Europe.

Mr. Hourcade is mentioned in and /or has contributed with the following publications: “Discos Voadores, Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores” by Jader U. Pereira, Brazil.  “Platillos Volantes en España e Iberoamérica” by Antonio Ribera, Spain; “The UFO Evidence”  by N.I.C.A.P., U.S.A.; “UFOs 1947-1987 The 40 years search for an explanation” by Hilary Evans and John Spencer, Great Britain;  “Cuadernos de Ufología” by C.E.I., Spain. “Guía Biográfica de la Ufología Argentina”, by Dr. Roberto Enrique Banchs, Argentina; “Fundación Anomalía”“Report of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and its Safety Implications at O'Hare International Airport on November 7, 2006 - Case 18” de España; by Dr. Richard F. Haines, U.S.A.

Before “OVNIs La Agenda Secreta” Mr. Hourcade published in Uruguay “Fenómeno OVNI: Desafío a la Ciencia”, editorial De La Plaza, 1978, and “Elementos de Ovnilogía”. Editorial Mano a Mano SRL, 1989. This latest book received a very good comment from Navy Commander Daniel Perissé of the Argentinean Navy and was praised by Mr. George Eberhard, of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) of Chicago, Illinois, in his review published in the International UFO Reporter of July-August, 1989.

Mr. Hourcade is a professional journalist, specialized on Science & Technology and is living in the USA since 1989.

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