14 October 2008


As we forecast yesterday, nothing happened in relation with the announcement made by Australian actress and “psychic” Blossom Goodchild.

According to a “message” she received from the so-called “Galactic Federation of Light”, a huge ship coming from outer space would appear over the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, this October 14, 2008,  and would stay there for 3 days!

This is not the first and will not be the last time that someone receives a “message” announcing the presence of space ships coming from another galaxy, or the end of the World, or the second coming of Jesus.

Ms. Goodchild has been enough clever as not to say the precise time and place when this event will be held.

Otherwise a bunch of people from every corner of the Earth probably would have gathered there,  to have later another “message” containing an excuse, and “explaining” why “they” couldn’t make it, this time.

This whole episode is an example of self promotion, of doing something to caught the attention, and of the exploitation of the human credulity and some times human stupidity.

As we said yesterday, use always your common sense and your rationality to confront any claim that goes beyond the normal.

M. Hourcade

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