04 October 2021


Aspiring space tourists now have another option to consider. World View Enterprises is developing a balloon-based system that will carry people to the stratosphere, with the first commercial flights targeted for early 2024, the Arizona-based company announced today (Oct.4).
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What never have been seen, supposedly UAPs coming from Space reach the Earth.
Late Thursday night (Sept. 30) in the southeastern United States, anybody looking up could have glimpsed a brilliant streak, trailing down into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida's east coast. It was actually a SpaceX Dragon cargo resupply spacecraft returning to Earth after a trip to the International Space Station (ISS).
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That enigmatic U.S. military X-37B robotic space drone has now chalked up more than 500 days circling the Earth. The Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV-6) is also called USSF-7 for the U.S. Space Force   and launched May 17, 2020, on an Atlas V 501booster.Full Story: Space (10/2) 

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