05 September 2019


We gladly share this information with all of you.

It is really relevant and important, because this organization directed
by our friend Commodore (R) Rubén Lianza, of the Argentine Air Force, is at the moment, the best official investigative body in Latin America dedicated to the identification of phenomena and/or objects in the air or the space that people could originally report as strange.

The Aerospace Identification Center was created by Resolution No. 364/2019 of the Chief of General Staff of the Argentine Air Force as a result of a restructuring of the Aerospace Phenomenon Study Commission (CEFAE) created on May 6, 2011, raising its organic level and readjusting its capacities for the fulfillment of the new task: “Organize, coordinate and execute the investigation and analysis of events, activities or elements present or originated in the Aerospace of interest; identify their causes and report the conclusions to the relevant bodies that require them ”.

The CIAE is made up of the same original CEFAE staff including its internal and external advisors and will continue, as a secondary task, providing the public service for sighting cases resolution and their corresponding annual publication.

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