06 September 2019


Exceptionally we recommend a page on Facebook, but this time is different.

Scott Brando has a wonderful participation on FB with his "UFO of Interest", bringing to great audience information about the most than frequent hoaxes made by different people, pretending they took pictures or videos of "ufos".

It deserves to be seen and commented with others, because we are burdened by lies and there is a permanent need to show the truth, and to denounce the commercial exploitation of the UFO subject as entertainment. 

And here is an example. Dr. Steven Greer (a retired traumatologist), that some years ago started what he called "Project Disclosure" that invited people in he military and civilians to talk about what they knew --or were ordered to say-- about UFOs, has continued with the subject now revealing clearly that he is exploiting the issue for economic benefit.

He started "Project Sirius" which declares that he is in contact with ETs and exchanged information, etc. and that other people could do the same. This is the base for the production of a film now announced to the public.

This "documentary feature" is the excuse Dr.Greer is using to ask for money. Apparently a lot of people is financing his film, because this is what he publishes.
As you can see, the goal for this fundraising --because that is what it is-- is to reach 700,000 American dollars!

Step by step, exploiting the innocent credulity of the people, (of those who "want to believe", of those who think that Science lies but that these pseudo-ufologists say the truth, of those who accept at face value any tale about "extraterrestrials", those who adhere to conspiracies) is the way that Steven Greer, and many others become millionaires.

Greer offers 12 different levels of contribution, and accordingly the "privileges" that you could have. Now let's look at the contributions he is asking for. They go from 1 to 12, and here we expose just the last ones.

What a huge difference with those of us that never dealt with the  UFO subject using it as a tool to exploit the good faith of the people to make money!

And last but not least, something that shows the real essence of lie behind all these kind of manipulations with the public.

As a promotion of the "documentary"  Greer shows in his web page what is portrayed as a UFO fleet. 

But this was already explained in 2013 as a flock of white pelicans. 
As Scott Bravo says well:

"Embarrassing Steven Greer on Twitter promoting his film:

The image he shared has nothing to do with UFOs, it was about an old case already explained: it shows a flock of white pelicans, an example https://youtu.be/NwjaCMincaY "

And Greer has the temerity to say: "Only the truth will set us free from the lies and deceit!". I do agree with the concept, but those words in the mouth of Steven Greer are a masquerade.

Milton W. Hourcade
Iowa City,  September 6, 2019.

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