01 January 2010


The essence of our Group is exchange. Exchange of viewpoints, of scientific papers, of ideas and experiences.

It is to deal with the Unusual Aerial Phenomena, scrutinizing its characteristics, analyzing them, and share field investigation and the studies done afterwards.

Along almost two years since its creation, the Group grew in number of members, of countries represented, but not in the amount of contributions.

There are people who conspicuously and periodically have shared very good works, product of their capabilities to investigate, analyze and or study some particular aspect within the whole phenomenon.

But regretfully we are still waiting from many others to reveal their talents and share their thoughts and make specific contributions to the Group through the publication of their works in our blog.

Therefore, from these pages we want to encourage each and every member of our Group to be more active this New Year, to be more open, and to share what they think and what are they doing.

As a positive note, besides the growing number of members, this last year there was a dynamic exchange of news through our Forum, which is a private way of communication between the members of the Group.

That has been exciting at certain moments and we expect that also would be increased in this New Year.

Another thing is clear: we do not restrict our blog to the personal contributions of our members. Any member that does its search for whatever possible way, and finds something that thinks it is valuable and deserves to be published and known for the other members and the general public, can send the material to be put in our blog.

All in all, we expect more papers, ideas, exchange of experiences, etc. for this New Year.

Happy New Year for everyone!

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