02 January 2010


Are we alone? The question has not been answered so far. It remains open.

Now, let's be crystal clear: the fact that we deal with Unusual Aerial Phenomena does not imply that we have necessarily to deal with the possibility of other intelligences, other universes, other dimensions.

Nevertheless, we have to deal with all those concepts if we want to know better how could be our work, where to search, how to study, and above all, how to understand where we are from the viewpoint of Physics.

Therefore, we need to understand better our Universe.

With that purpose, here we suggest the reading of the following material:

“Cuerdas, Supercuerdas, Branas y Supersimetría” (it is in Spanish only) and you can find it at


“Cyclic universe bounces back” you will find it at:


This is a practical way to be updated in our knowledge of the Universe.

Enjoy your navitagion.

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