24 August 2009


At this very moment, on the screens of “a theater near you”, are two films dealing with aliens: “District 9” and “Aliens in the Attic”.

But if you go to see any of them, you will find the trailer of another film that is coming in November 6. It is called “The Fourth Kind” and as you can guess, it deals with abductions! Abductions supposedly happened in a small Alaskan town named Nome.

And if it were not enough, although there is not a direct connection with UFOs, but with ideas about the end of Earth, or the end of an age, there is “2012” which is coming on November 13.

Just for the sake of the argument, if we accept for a moment that there are aliens among us, and they have been doing things that paved the way to reports of
Daylight Discs, Nocturnal Lights, Radar-Visual Cases, and Close Encounters of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Kind, what could be the next step on this escalate?

Well, I think in only one: disappearance.

Not the disappearance of isolated individuals here and there, but the disappearance of nearly a whole small population, mainly in rural areas, at the beginning, followed by massive
disappearances in urban areas.

Do we have to be prepared for this kind of event? Would it be true or just mass hy

What really is behind this barrage of films about aliens?

What kind of reaction is expected from the public, and why?

I think we have to follow closely this situation and see how it develops.

Milton W. Hourcade

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