16 August 2009


We have received a letter from Norway and by its content we consider important to share it with all our readers:

Greetings from Norway!

I wish to commend for the great work your members are doing. Your Web site is excellent and very informative.

Personally, I run the 'UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts' blogspot:


This blog presents UFO evidence recorded or obtained by any media or government source. In short, I research the 'real' and official UFO evidence. I present any UFO footage, which has been found in a real TV broadcast (or has been recorded by a media source), which has nothing to do with the UFO issue. In addition, I present any (worldwide) government UFO footage (or UFO evidence) and balanced UFO TV/Radio news media report.

Several very interesting Norwegian UFO cases are presented on my blog.

South American people must be very interested in the UFO phenomenon, because many of them have visited my blog.


Alfred Røsberg (Al R), Norway (Scandinavia)

We have included this blog in our links.

Milton W. Hourcade

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