24 August 2009


Yesterday (August 23) I saw “District 9”. It is about aliens. Aliens that came to Earth 20 years ago and couldn’t go back because they have a problem with their spaceship.

Therefore, they left the big ship hovering over the sky of Johannesburg, and went down.

A world organization gives them a place to live, and there they are, living in a shantytown, until some problems emerge with the human population surrounding them, and they will be evicted and sent to a concentration camp, a move they resist.

There is when the problems start.

A stupid bureaucrat in charge of the operation, the brutality of soldiers trained only to kill, cannibalism, Nigerians exploiting the aliens, etc. and the unacceptable paradox of beings so intelligent to navigate through the space but so disorganized and ignorant as to live like irrational animals.

That is the absurdity of the script of this film. It is totally ridiculous.

On that basis, the rest are only special effects and brutality, weapons, more brutality and carnage.

That is what “District 9” is all about. I sincerely recommend skipping it of your agenda.

Don’t waste your time and your money.

Milton W. Hourcade

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