14 June 2009

A MYSTERIOUS MESSAGE and the suspected source

Few days ago, while the whole world was lamenting the lost of the Airbus A330-200 flight 447 of Air France over the Atlantic Ocean, and the research teams were working hardly to find the “black boxes” of the aircraft and the bodies of passengers or crew members, a mysterious message came to my e-mail.

Without signature or name of the sender, the message said one of the most stupid things I could have heard in a long while: that the aircraft went down due to work of hackers!

This was so outrageous that I immediately deleted the message, and my second thought was if there is a place in the world where this message could come from it must be Argentina. And I say this with no offense to our Argentinian members, and the Argentinians in general. But they had to accept that this is a sad reality nowadays.

Well, I received a second message, this time identifying the source, a so-called “Elron group” which operates under the direction of a “guru” named Jorge Olguín, from…Argentina!

As usual, it proved to be a mixture of esoterism, cultism, extraterrestrials, and a lot of conspirative conjectures. Nothing to take seriously or to loose a minute of time in.

But regretfully, once again, we verify how the most absurd speculations are capable to win the minds of feeble people that do not discern with reason and logic what the reality is, and do not bother to go to the scientific and technical sources to deal with different issues.

There is a set of people that prefers and is well open to any kind of story and to spread the most ridiculous rumor as if it were the real and hidden truth.

Like the fabricated version that announces that on August 27, Mars will be seen as big as the Moon in the sky. Something that do not resist the minimal analysis.
Nevertheless this spurious species have been sent throuth the internet since 2003, and is repeated almost every year! See: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2003/18jun_approachingmars.htm

Milton W. Hourcade

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