09 June 2009


S115-E-07201 (19 Sept. 2006) --- This picture of unidentified possible small debris was recorded with a digital still camera by astronaut Daniel Burbank onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis around 11 a.m. (CDT) today. Engineers do not believe this to be the same object seen in video taken by shuttle TV cameras earlier in the day.(NASA text attached to the picture).

This is a case in which all the circumstances surrounding the evidence plus the high quality of the witnesses involved, make of it an ideal one.

And it is just not a story, because there is a picture and no one can think that it was faked.

On September 19, 2006, one crew member of the Space Shuttle Atlantis was able to take this picture of what properly could be classified as an Unidentified Flying Object, or maybe to put it more precisely, an Unidentified Orbital Object.

Although the distance and therefore the size of the object are impossible to determine, --according to NASA officials—nevertheless, no one can think that this could be a spacecraft of any kind. It seems to be a small object made of plastic or acrylic, transparent, that with a certain dedication maybe someone could possible identify as a small piece of the International Space Station, of some Russian space ship or even that it belongs to the very Shuttle Atlantis or to someone of the crew.

We have to have in mind that there were three Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA) during the STS-115 mission, and the main thing they performed was to install a truss for the solar panels on the ISS.

Anyway, for the lovers of fantasy, here it is: a “certified” U.F.O. by NASA.

But the information provided by NASA makes reference to an object videotaped earlier the same day.

Well, here is the video. Astronaut Brent Jett estimates the distance to the Shuttle in about a 100 feet, which makes of this objet something that does not exceeds some inches in diameter. The astronaut also says that although it looks metallic it does not seem to be rigid.

UFO Near STS 115 Atlantis Shuttle Video - Click here for funny video clips

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