12 August 2008


The last comments made by Dr. Massimo Teodorani to my article “Merchants and Scholars” (comments that I recommend to read) point out to the very essential nature of doing science.

And particularly when we try to apply the scientific method to know something that is new, that we have not known totally before, something that is under scrutiny.

We are quite aware about the position of debunkers that plainly reject and do not have the flexibility and capabilitiy to make room for the unknown.

With them, science would be a well structured and frozen amount of knowledge.

They don’t even bother to think how that knowledge was achieved.

Science can not advance with closed-minded people.

Our life experience is different.

We are people that have taken the stance to take risks, to be ridiculed or not totally understood. But we are doing so while we try to apply the scientific method and principles to get to know something new. Something with characteristics that defy conventional explanations.

We are explorers of a new terrain, but in our journey, we are sure that we are in the way of a discovery.

Yes, we really dare to explore the unknown. And we do it with joy.

That is why, our motto well could be “Science without fear”.

Without fear to make mistakes, without fear to be wrong, without fear to what others could say, without fear to face the very nature of what we are investigating.

Cheers to the braves!

Milton W. Hourcade, August 12, 2008.

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