04 November 2018


Twenty-one UFO investigators and scholars belonging to 11 countries have already responded to the Survey that we initiated in last July.

Every week we published the answers received by two of those who participated.

That is why we came to the end of October still publishing answers.

Now the time has arrived to work with all that material, to compare answers, to squeeze the main ideas given in relation to each question by the 21 respondents, and finally to sum up all of that.

It is an arduous work. We try to get the essence of the ideas of the participants related to each question and reflect that in the evaluation, being careful not to distort in any way what they have said, and adding sometimes a very brief comment as a kind of introduction.

We are engaged with that task right now, as you read this report.

Along this month of November, we hope to be able to summarize all the results of this analysis and point out to probably half a dozen main trends that emerge from the Survey.

Once again, our deep thanks to all the participants.

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