05 September 2013


Very well know in his country –Mexico—Mr. Pedro Ferriz Santa Cruz was a journalist, and a real pioneer on the UFO subject
Because of his personal involvement with UFOs, Ferriz lost the conduction of a very popular and important TV program.

His fault: he dared to mention publicly his personal interest on UFOs.

Years later, things changed and slowly Ferriz was recognized by his work as an investigator and as a curious man, who dealt with philosophy, religion, and other matters.

Writer, lecturer, and broadcaster, Ferriz was in essence an open enquirer. A man with a lot of questions and an untamed desire to get answers.

It is very sad for us to one again report the decease of another Ufologist.

There is in fact a generation of Ufologists that is leaving this life.

But none of them has struggle and worked in vain. Their personalities, their books, their thoughts and their examples will remain forever as a legacy of their participation in the investigation and study of one of the most intriguing and compelling issues of our time.

Because UFOs still have to be explained...

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