14 May 2013

“Intelligenze Oltre La Terra” (Intelligences Beyond Earth): a must read book

It is not surprising that a man with a solid scientific Uformation and experience but also with a correctly open mind, (and when I say correctly, I mean, a mind that do not accepts anything as possible, but only what is reasonably possibly), astrophysicist Dr. Massimo Teodorani, have been capable of writing this book.

The book is composed of an Introduction, followed by 12 chapters and a bibliography.

Those chapters deal with: 

The birth of life in the Universe

The search for extra solar planets

The conditions for habitability

The Drake’s formula

The kinds of technological civilizations

Project SETI: search for electromagnetic signals from other stars

Project SETT: search for technological marks from other stars

Project SETV at long range: search for intruders in the Solar system

Project SETV at short range: search for visits on Earth

Project NLSETI: the non-local communications

Hypothesis about intelligences from other universes and other dimensions

Intelligence in plasma?

Conclusive reflections.

Although there are certain graphics, equations and formulae, the book is of easy reading, very educative, and dealing with very important concepts that almost anyone can understand and absorb.

Precisely the clarity of concepts and the way they are presented is one of the best qualities of this book. 

I think it is a work that should be read by astronomers, investigators and students of UAP, and lay people seriously interested in the search for a non-human intelligence.
It is written in Italian, but in a near future there would be a translated edition into English.

I sincerely recommend it.

Milton W. Hourcade

*Intelligenze Oltre La Terra, Giochidimagia editore, Italia, 120 pgs., 2013.

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