25 May 2013


It is undoubtedly a very special circumstance when three serious and responsible investigators and students of the Unusual Aerial Phenomena, can meet together to share experiences, worries, ideas and projects. Even better, when those people belong to the UAPSG-GEFAI and became friends.

And that is precisely what happened on May 20, 2013, when being in Mexico city I invited Eng. Luis Ruiz Noguez (blog: Marcianitos Verdes) and Licentiate Martín Fragoso (blog: El Detractor) to meet together with me.

It was really a memorable occasion. Our talk extended for 3 hours and a half, and at the end we all were pleased with the information and ideas we exchanged.

Surely there could be expected a follow up of this meeting. And that follow up would be in the shape of some specific actions. 

I thank Luis and Martin for coming and for all we talked in the occasion.

The following day, I met my friend and journalist César Buenrostro. He came with his camera, microphones and tripod, and decided to record outdoors.

He chose the surroundings of the Monument to the Revolution –at the very heart of the city-- to make me to do a stand-up presentation that lasted one hour, --without any break— while I tried to answer a dozen of questions he posed to me. 

All this material, once edited, is going to be uploaded to YouTube in his video series “Sígueme”. 

Thanks César for giving me the opportunity to clarify a lot of questions and issues related to the always thrilling world of UFOs.

Milton W. Hourcade

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