23 July 2011


We owe to Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, a Member of UAPGS, a friend, colleague and a ditinguished UFO scholar from Spain, the updated information about FOTOCAT.

We sincerely recommend the reading of the blog http://fotocat.blogspot.com/ with special attention to the Trindade Island case, the Malmstrom case and the comments about the book “Mirage Men” that we already recommended here in our blog.

Physically, FOTOCAT is an Excel spreadsheet of UFO and IFO cases in which a photographic image has been obtained on film, video or digital media. It contains 27 data columns to register the date, time, location, province and country, explanation (if one exists), photographer’s name, special photographic features, references, etc. When completed, the full catalogue will be posted on the internet, for free access to the worldwide UFO community.

• Case Number
10,370 is the latest number of entries in FOTOCAT. After spending 10 year’s work in this project, collecting and processing 1,000 cases per year sounds like a good record. I guess there must have been some 25,000 UFO photographic events worldwide, so nearly 50% of them are presently included in our catalog. The production of work with local nationals is one of our objectives, as this facilitates the compilation of exhaustive censuses by country. Recently, thanks to the fine cooperation of expert researcher Bruno Mancusi, we did this exercise with Switzerland and today the coverage for this nation seems to be quite complete, our collection having been sensibly improved as a result.

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