22 July 2010


It happened on July 13, the same day and at the same moment in which the Uruguayan people gave a multitudinary reception to the soccer players of the national team that returned from South-Africa.

Thousands of people were there. Nadie vio nada especial

Flying over their heads there were TV helicopters, airplanes making publicity, and even the special fly-by of Air Force airplanes. And by the way, the military radar of the Air Force did not detectected anything anomalous.

But, someone had a cellular phone and apparently tried to get a picture of the multitude, but lo and behold!, when this person looked at the picture probably in his PC, realized that there was something in the air.

Why this person did not think that the something he was seen could be one of the helicopters that were flying over the area, seen from its bottom part and with certain angle? Or maybe something smaller and nearer?

Well, maybe because the person saw that and thought: what a wonderful “UFO”!

And yes, it could be initially classified as such provided it is agreed that the “U” of UFO means something that –for the moment—has not been identified, but that obviously, “UFO” does not mean extra-terrestrial vehicle.

Today, July 22, the news agency AFP published a report based on an interview with the UAPSG member Prof. Fernando Giménez.

The members of UAPSG in Montevideo are already working on the case, and we will provide the results of that work as soon as they are available.

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