05 November 2009


This cartoon was forwarded to us by the UAPSG-GEFAI member Mr. Gonzalo Piano.

It is excellent, and that is why it has to be in this blog.

Here is the text:

The Sargent to the General

“General, one of our automatic spy airplanes crashed near a populated area. We sent a team to retrieve it, but I am afraid that the confidentiality of the operation will be compromised.”

The General to the Sargent

“Don’t worry. We have everything under control”.


A “Ufologist” on TV

“If what went down is not a UFO, why the intervention of the Army? Why they took away the debris before someone could examine it? They are hiding us the answer to one of the greatest enigma of the history!

The Sargent to the General

“He’s good. How much are we paying him?”

The General to the Sargent

“Nothing. He doesn’t even know that he is working for us”


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