18 November 2009


We are not surprised that it comes once again from Argentina. Regretfully it appears that the imagination, the will to believe --above all-- and also the will to get public notoriety are irrepressible for some people there.

From those factors, has emerged on October 5, 2009, the tale of a cow that allegedly was “abducted” by a “UFO”, documented in just one digital photography that was enhanced afterwards to obtain some complementary images.

The notorious contradictions between the characteristics of the photos and the descriptions of the witnesses, clearly point to a tale fabricated by them after seen the pictures.

Did they contacted some responsible investigators? No. The first thing they did was to call a TV station looking for an interview which, of course, it happened.

Many days later, they get in contact with local investigators.

But, as usual, the videos were put on YouTube, so that anyone who likes to believe in extraterrestrials, could find another piece of “evidence”.

The argument for the tale of this young couple of Argentinians is not new.

Already in YouTube there is a joking video done using Computer Graphics, and another one of 1983 –probably from Japan—, although it has been in YouTube since October 5, 2008.

See: YouTube - “UFO Cow Abduction video uncovered from Governmental Sources” and “UFO Cow Abduction by Aliens on 1983”

The member of UAPSG-GEFAI, Mr. Leopoldo Zambrano Enríquez has made a superb work of serious and technical analysis of the pictures and related them with what the “witnesses” declared to two different TV channels. The contradictions are astonishing. (The documents are in Spanish).


All in all, what appears in just one picture is a “rod” generated by an insect near the objective of the camera, and a bird – quite probably a gull.

From this reality to say that the insect is a “UFO” and the gull a “cow”, goes hand to hand with the imagination, the will to get public notoriety and finally the human stupidity.

Another member of UAPSG-GEFAI, the Engineer Luis Ruiz Noguez, in his web site “Marcianitos Verdes” has also published a good analysis of the case that really does not deserve more attention and time from the serious Ufologists, which operate under truly scientific basis.


M. Hourcade

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